School without pants

School without pants

Miss Fab has been running morning school, but this time its not for Little B, but for her most favorite person in the world – her brother. She is determined to make him a genius, and this will be regardless of his actual ability, it seems.  She has been teaching him numbers and words, but the last two days the whiteboard has been out and he has learned how to draw cookies, yes cookies. This involves a circle and dots in it.

Miss Fab’s aid, Ms Little B, gets involved as well. She is like the extra cheerleader.

Today my just turned 2 year old learned how to write the number 9.

And forgive me if I am a bit bias, but he is doing a bloody good job of it.

I think he is surprised of his new found ability himself.

“Wow, did I just do that…with this?”

This is not just any school, mind you.

This is school like you have never seen before. Well, maybe there are establishments where you get this kind of excitement and approval when you do the work even remotely right:

But I bet you, you will be hard pressed to find
another educational institution with this kind of uniform:

So, lets repeat the day’s lesson:

The number 9
divided by (2 cheeks+1 bum)
equals 3 kids