Wake up! – project

Wake up! – project

The sleeping cloud has come over this place lately. I am not sure if my writing has caused it, or its all your fault, but it doesnt really matter.

(well, I do blame you in front of myself, but that is only as a self preservation technique)

(( you cant expect me to go against myself, right?))

The fact is that we need a kick in the buttocks, and as I said on Facebook, I have a project for us. I dont want to hear the usual “I am not creative” or other non-creative answers. Grab your cameras, let the ideas flow and most, most, most importantly have some fun!

Make the Photo

This is along the lines of the photos we did for the 100th liker on FB. But this time we are shooting higher, we are going bolder, we are bursting out of our safe bubbles. Yeah, baby!

What am I talking about? Here is some inspiration for you.

Jan von Holleben

First from his Dreams of Flying project

And from his other project: The Theatre


A more recent example of this technique is Adele Enerson on her blog Mila’s Daydreams .


Now for some video versions of this creative approach.

Oren Lavie – “Her Morning Elegance”

Do watch the whole video, its beautiful:

There are a few Target ads in that style too, one of which is this:

Ok, now that you are sufficiently inspired, hopefully not scared, lets have some fun. I believe I said that before, but its the important part. This is not a professional photography gathering, nor am I going to award washing machines to ‘a winner’ (Sorry about that, by the way). You want to do something goofy, use your dog, use the dog of your neighbour, dig through your partner’s collectibles, the garbage, whatever, go for it! Even a picture of you laughing your head off while trying to figure out what to do is welcomed.

Fun, people, fun!

Oups, wake up, THEN have fun!

You can link to your pictures in the comments, or post them on the FB wall.

Now to think of something to do…hmm…