The day and night before

The day and night before

I have always been a crepe gal, ever since the mornings when my mom would flip the thin circles and pile them on a plate for me to play with. This is way back when I would literally play with them, bite circles out of them, flop them on my face, make gloves with them and any other greasy activity I could think of…so not that long ago, really.

Then a few weeks ago I decided to be adventurous and whipped my first batch of small pancakes, or pikelets, as they are known in this part of the world. They were a hit.

And that is why Nina got a breakfast that looked like that:

With maple syrup brought personally from a Canadian, from a farmer’s market in, you guessed it, Canada, eh.

She makes some mean pancakes too, but managed to enjoy ours too.

After a few days of full on sightseeing, I suggested we take it easy and just have a mellow day. Nina must have been ready for it, because she took the offer with a smile and a big nod. And that is what we did – not a whole lot.

We took a long stroll around the neighborhood, with breaks for a lunch at a favorite little cafe of ours and for a nice cup of espresso with vanilla ice cream on top.  If I was an emotional doctor, I would prescribe one of these days to everyone, once a week. Crazy, wild fun is wonderful, dont get me wrong, but slow and relaxing is just as good, and I think its best to be able to find the balance.

And we chatted, just like the good old times. Blabs galore. I cannot even begin to tell you what we discussed, because I think we talked just about everything.

I had a special night planned out after the meltingly gooey day. Special, baby!

First, I drove up the hills, so we can see the sunset and the views of the city as best as we could. I must be a magician or something, because I timed that perfectly. There was a bushfire somewhere in the hills, so the view was not as clear as I would have liked it, but still, not too shabby.

Then, I save the best for last. Where would one take their dear friend for last dinner before they leave? A lovely, charming restaurant maybe; a hidden gem of a cafe amongst beautiful wildflowers…possibly; or buzzing with activity and people bar somewhere? Lovingly home-cooked meal? Cold, freezing cold.

A roadside burger joint!

Not just any burger joint, give me some credit here. I took MyNina to Alfred’s Kitchen, eatery that is  now part of the history of Perth.

It has been around since 1946 and used to be at the edge of the city and a first eating stop for travelers. Now its engulfed by the city, but still standing and just as popular with locals and visitors.

Simple unassuming, but welcoming menu..

..big pots, cooking up soup…

…and best of all, the log fire, which is part of the charm of the place.

All kinds of people pass through – party goers, adorned with sleepers locals, tourists and bikers, a great spot for people watching.

We waited patiently for our order and then didnt waste time to enjoy them.

The night was warm, a random airplane would thunder above us before heading to the airport, people around us chatted leisurely between themselves, and the burgers were disappearing quickly between our fingers while the fire was warming our faces.

A laid back dinner after a laid back day.

Best of all, I could smell the fire on my hair and skin late into the night, long after we got back home and played another game of Block Head.

Nina, you cant say I didnt take you to the best places ;)