Whateva for dinner

Whateva for dinner

Call the child protection people to come and drag me to the depths of bad parenting hell hole. Dont ask questions, just do it. My lazy apathy has reached a new level these days, the low being tonight, when for dinner I announced we will be having Whatever, and later on this whatever turned out to be a three course meal of entree of guacamole and corn chips; main: banana and peanut butter cupcakes; desert: frozen watermelon drippings.

Interestingly enough, unaware of the evil consequences of my announcement, the deeply scaring results of which will probably never be known to human kind, the family were ecstatic of my menu.

Miss Fab: This is the best dinner EVER!

Later on, Mr.Blab whispered behind me “I love you!”, obviously drugged up on sugar.

Sitting at our big table with a pan full of cupcakes and nothing else, we can only laugh. But I know better, so call the number and save these people from my unhealthy influence.

— Said she, before she passed out of sugar overload.