Driving down to Sunny Beach

Driving down to Sunny Beach

(picture of Old Nesebar)

Sunny Beach used to be one of the good resorts in Bulgaria. Mr Blab and I relaxed there 7 years ago and he loved it just as much as I have always done.

Today the plan was to drive down there, because the almost newlyweds had some work to do there and to move about some. The drive was about 1.5-2 hours through the hills.

We do have some beautiful nature out here. Unfortunately its getting either ruined or just not used well enough for the good of the country. Tourism can be easily our main source of income, but it has to be done right and I am afraid there is no one in power that can achieve this right now or in the near future.

Upon arriving in Sunny Beach, its obvious that this it has got nothing to do with what I remember and the place it used to be. Sadly it looks like an overbuilt city neighborhood. It has hotel next to a hotel, which is next to another hotel. Then in front of all those buildings are a line of stands selling knick knacks of every imaginable cheap kind.

We are headed to a greek restaurant next to the Old Nesebar, which is a near by coast town. It is positioned on the water and looks rather dashing.

As does my buddy ;)

Lunch is lovely and we order a bunch of entrees to share. Yum Yum. Then off to aparently one of the famous beaches in the are – Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach has a lovely little bar and is one of the party centrals in the resort. It was empty on the day we went, but the season is just starting, so I am guessing that its just the calm before the storm.

Then back through Sunny Beach and I took a picture of the nearby beach for you.

On the way back we stop at the big city for some very important business – trying out the wedding bands at the jeweler. Everyone very happy with the progress and the rings can be finished off for the big event. And yes, here they are worn on the wrong hand ;)

By then it was late afternoon and we make it just in time for a big dinner and to catch up with the little prince, who is spending some lovely time with Grandma and Grandpa. They entertain him for most of the day with train rides, beach experiences and whatnots.

More tomorrow….