Wordless Kings Park – wildflowers

Wordless Kings Park – wildflowers

Perth is in Western Australia, and one of Western Australia’s treasures are the wildflowers, vast majority of which can only be found here and nowhere else in the world.

Nina is a big fan of flowers, in fact she used to photograph them quite a lot, up close and personal. Now she is busy with life, and this interest of hers has been left on the shelf unfortunately, but when I found out that the Kings Park Festival in the Botanic Gardens was on, I knew she will love it. Luckily we could combine this visit with a birthday party we had to go to, so the day was decided.

Kings Park here we come.

I have not been in a writing mood, and you are not in a chatty mood from what I gather, so I will not bore you with words. I am usually not a flower photographer, but these are beauties, so you will see a few I have captured. The events are happening in Kings Park, which is a big area on a hill next to the city with wonderful views of it and the river. A definite must see, if you happen to pass by Perth.

Art exhibition by students, created with wildflowers and plants.

A Great cow Dane!

Holy Cow, these dogs are big, no pun intended.

— How to score some cake —

Step 1:

Step 2:
Hover some more

Step 3:
Casually hover

Step 4:
Make casual conversation

Miss Fab ate only half a cake.