Golden Sands visit and Internet issues

Golden Sands visit and Internet issues

I will go crazy with this internet situation! I cant send emails, I can only sort out one in 100 pictures and all together entirely too useless.

I have managed to put up a few images since yesterday, so that is all you get. But its better than nothing ;)

The food bonanza is going on and just generally a nice relaxing time. The weather is holding up although the nights do get chilly.

Yesterday we went to the nearby resort Golden Sands, or Zlatni Piasazi, as it better known for the locals, ha. We walked around and ate a big pile of ice cream, which is exactly what I didnt need after all this eating, but who counts.

They have developed the place as it seems has happened to all the coast, unfortunately. They even have a small Eiffel tower restaurant, just not to be left behind the trends.

The one thing I loved about our coast is that you can basically live on the beach. Everything is within reach – restaurants, shops, coffee places…you name it, its there.

And of course the lines and lines of umbrellas

It is still enjoyable and pleasant, but has become too commercial and overdone for my taste. So many tourists that all the personal talk first in English or some other language instead of Bulgarian. Signs, menus and everything is in English. I still think that we used to have one of the best coast I have ever seen, although i wonder for how long things will stay somewhat acceptable and enjoyable.

Later we went to some media party nearby. Came back at about 1am and after some sleep some more eating followed ;)

And here is the prince of my friend as promised. I couldnt upload the other pictures, but this one went through by some stroke of good luck.

Tomorrow is a bit more fun. I hope I manage to put some pictures up in the morning.