“NO to Carrots”!

“NO to Carrots”!

Yes to carrots are deceptive. Bad ingredient warning

No, I have nothing against carrots and I dont think they are evil.

The other day I was buying supplies for my trip, like shampoo, eye drops and such. I was also in search for a good body moisturizer, as my coconut oil is not very easy to carry around and it seems to always spill when I try to. Just messy.

So, I am in the health section looking at the moisturisers… when I spot this cute white and bright orange line and the name is adorable “Yes to Carrots”. Ok, I like your name. So far so good.

Looked it over and went for the jugular – the ingredients list. All seems fine, even has carrot juice in it. I will give it a try.

Opened it that night to try out and the smell got me suspicious. So I look at the ingredients again and voila! I see it! The little bugger I missed, short and sweet amongst all the other long names – Mr Fragrance! I dont like him, I avoid him, he is like an ex that doesnt give up and hides everywhere to try and get to you. A bit like all the other parabens and sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates (just check out any of your shampoos). Under the ingredient “fragrance” can hide thousands of other ingredients, most of which are utter crap and poison. Another thing that hides under that name are phtalates (chemical substance usually added to plastics to make them softer, but also used in variety of cosmetic products – acts like a hormone in the body and can wreck havoc on males development). Read more how to avoid them

The point is, I have missed that on the list and was quite pissed for my wasted $18 bucks and for their deception with a ‘natural product’

I am a reasonable person sometimes, so I go online and send them an email, asking about what is actually under the term ‘fragrance’ and if the product is phtalate free.

I got no response. No, go to hell. No, you silly woman, fragrances are fine. No, our products are lovely, just trust us. Nothing.

Well fine! I am going to boycott you officially then.

“No TO carrots!”