Day 17 – piggying out on the Black Sea coast

Day 17 – piggying out on the Black Sea coast

I am alive. Sorry everyone, I just had some issues with the Internet and the site and couldnt get the pictures up and just gave up yesterday. I hope today things have settled and I will be able to update on the happenings.

Somewhat shaky arrival here – even though we had reservations, the hotel was not opened for the summer yet! Yes, we get in, the place is dead and we find out about the lovely Bulgarian trait of no communication and absolutely no service whenever possible under any circumstances. So after some wondering, they moved us to another place.

The hotel is right on the beach, so that at least is nice. What is not nice for my waistline is that we are on some “all inclusive” deal and all the food is served as a buffet and you eat all you can. You can guess that this is not the best option for a pregnant chick at all. I will plump up in no time, so watch out.

The weather was a bit crappy the day we arrived, but we ventured out. Its so nice to see that my friend and I have not drifted apart in all these years. I think it happens way too often, you have someone close and then you dont see them for awhile and when you do, something is not the same, some kind of tension is around and that old comfortable feeling is gone. Well after all these years none of that seems to have happened to us. Its refreshing and makes the whole thing worth it. I am sure we have both changed, she is more stressed and serious than I remember her, but I guess a child and high powered carrier will do that to a person. And I…well, I dont want to think about how I have changed, but I am sure that old carelessness and wild nature is not quite there either.

Here is her little man, who is absolutely adorable, I believe you will agree.

….. well, it stopped working now.

The second day, after some more food I decided to have a walk around and try to counteract all of it with a good moving of the buttox. So I took some pictures for you to enjoy and chatted with some fellow bulgars. The resort is full of foreigners, so wherever I stopped the people in the shops would try to chat me up in English or German. Kind of strange if you ask me, but I guess thats the situation and they are used to not having locals around. So I started a conversation with a few of them and just browsed around.

This is one of the few places that hasnt been overbuilt. But it needs a bit of updating on the other hand. Still, its nice.

After dinner we went to a near by resort to a nightclub full of Germans and heaps of German music. Almost like watching a show of some kind. From what I hear the nightclubs are targeted at different nationalities of tourists.

The next day, after a lot of food of course, it was time for some beach. Got a bit of a sun bite, but not too much, just enough to feel like I am on a holiday. Later on we had a good walk in the cold night.

All in all, a food and relax bonanza. Kind of a strange change from my fully active last 2 weeks, but it will prepare me for the second part of crazy walking after I leave.

As I said, the Internet situation is a bit shaky, so dont worry about me too much until the end of the week when we go back to Sofia. I will try to give more updates though. Just not sure it will work.

Hugs to all!