Day 15 of The Trip – arriving at the Black Sea coast

I am alive and well.
Havent updated recently as arriving was a mixed bag of feelings and catching up with people and just settling in in general.

It has been bitter sweet coming back. Mostly bitter and strange, I guess. The place has not changed for the best from what I see and that just makes me sad and unattached to it to some extend. Budapest, another former communist country, has managed to achieve so much in the last 20 years. True, Hungary was never as deep in the Russian hands as we were, but it probably put my hopes up a bit too high and reality hit even harder.

I havent taken one picture since arriving…this could be a clear indication of how uninspired the place makes me feel. Havent walked around, but while watching out of the car, I tried to find something that I wanted to photograph and I couldnt. Everything is grey, dirty, lacking of any character and life…

In the last few years I have had a bout of nostalgia for the home country, you know the one where you remember all the good things and none of the bad and the reason for escaping is slowly fading away. But now I just dont feel like I belong here, it doesnt feel like home or familiar in a good way.

Enough about my personal dramas and tribulations.

Today we arrived at the coast of my beloved Black Sea. I have always claimed that we have the best coast I have ever seen and Mr.Blab agreed when we came here last time, 7 years ago.
Havent seen much yet, but I hope at least the resort we are staying will live up to my expectations. Hearing how the south of the coast has been destroyed by overbuilding, I just hope where we are will not disappoint and wound me further as far as all my memories go.

At least catching up with friends is always nice and being with my eldest friend and seeing her with her family is lovely and good for the soul. The rest… we will see.