Budapest Day 4 – a woman of leisure

Budapest Day 4 – a woman of leisure

After seeing most of the main things in the city, I decided to spend the day just leisurely walking in the neighborhood and of course visiting one of the famous baths of Budapest.

After a slow start in the morning I scroll to the market, yet again, yes, indeed again. I ate at the first day’s place some cabbage and selection of yumminess. Then after a walk around and a few souvenirs I got myself two fat Langos with just sugar to take away.

Then armed with my things I walked slowly nibbling on my sweet fried dough watching the city wake up. Few more stops and few more mementos and I am back at the apartment. You see, I had an important meeting with Aussieland – the kids have gotten my box and the unveiling of the presents was going to happen at 12:15pm.

This was so much fun. The cutie pies had a blast and daddy did a good job moderating the event, while preparing dinner. He is a gem, but dont tell him.

This all went for over an hour. I guess the gifts were a success and later on I heard the nibbles didnt go astray either. Gotta love the enthusiasm of kids, especially your own.

Then it was time to get ready for my bathing experience. I chose the Gellert Baths for this, as they are just a 15 minute walk from my place. I had heard that a lot of thieves target those places and I didnt take anything I couldnt live without – basically just a plastic bag with towel, flip flops and some cash. Sorry, no pictures, but I do have one from the other day of the exterior of the bath.

Well technically this is the hotel front, but the bath entry is on the right handside of the place. You can see the dome shaped top of it just barely.

The place has thermal pools with mineral hot springs coming from the hills nearby. There is also an outdoor pool and one that is sort of on the inside. The place is decorated in an Art Deco/Nouveau style, built in the beginning of the 20th century and considered one of the most beautiful baths in the city. I wanted to go to a different one, the biggest and most popular with the locals, but it was a bit too far for my day of leisure.

Pictures of the inside you can see by following this link .

Inside is rather lovely looking. I try to get a foot massage with my entry, but I am told “No…closed”. Too bad. Then off to the changing cabin, which I am led to by a broad shouldered older lady who means business. That is rather fun as well, the whole lack of service from the older generation. It doesnt offend me in the least.

Then off to explore the thermal baths. I enter this domed structure and it looks just like you would imagine a turkish bath would. There are two pools. I step down one of them and the water is so calmingly warm. I enjoy the fact that the baths are separated for men and women.
I think I stayed in the pool for almost an hour massaging my legs, stretching and just enjoying the surroundings.

Then off to the outside through the lovely inside pool. I swam for almost an hour back and forward. I think my body needs the movement by now. This day of slow and mellow is a bit strange.

Then plop on a reclining chair and an attempt to even out my truck driver sun tan ;)

Before I left I used the thermal pools again.

The whole thing was quite enjoyable and fun. I felt so relaxed on my way back. Quick visit to the market where I bought a melon and bunch of huge strawberries. Those got the cold water treatment in the apartment before being chopped up in a huge fruit salad and eaten on the bed infront of some CNN.


I told you, leisurely day and I didnt lie.

For dinner I decided to go to a pizza place with good reviews some walk away. It took a bit longer than I thought, but the tomato mozzarella bruschetta was so delicious and crispy and the pizza arrived on top of a wooden board and had those burned up edges form the wood fired oven that the walk was worth it. Got entirely too full, so the backward stroll felt nice too.

Then it was time to arrange my bags and prepare for leaving the next day. Some laundry too, that is a pain to do, but alas, no option other than to walk around in stinky clothes.

Next is arriving at the place where it all began – my birth place. I am a bit apprehensive and excited at the same time.