4 days till lift off and I am opening a new store

I have spent valuable time of my life looking for crap in the last weeks. Crap that should be bloody available in any electric/computer store. But no, they stock all the things I dont need.

    What is it she is after, you may ask. Well, nothing fancy really, nothing that you cant find online. I am after:

    memory card reader – without cables, because I am carrying enough cables as it is;

    battery charger – with no cables, as light as possible and takes not a whole day to charge the batteries

    So off I went to the biggest and “best” stores in the city. Complete waste of time. I am not happy and think its about time someone opens a store for portable shit, especially since this is what most people do nowadays – live a portable life and want things at their fingertips.

    Other than that, my preparations are going well. I am sure I am forgetting something, but since I didnt keep a list of my “things to do” as they were coming to my pretty head, now I am not sure. Maybe its for the best.

    The midwife had a visit today and all is well. The man is growing nicely and says he cant wait to go on a trip – like mother like son. He has been kicking up a storm and even gave his big sister a good kicking the other night, which brought that comment from her:
    “I wish I remembered what it was like when I was in there…”