Do you wash your fruits and vegetables?

Do you wash your fruits and vegetables?

Ok, ok, I have been known to be a bit of a lazy person from time to time (dont pay attention to the full pile of laundry waiting to be done since the weekend!). And even though I am pretty health conscious, I have caught myself ‘wetting’ a fruit or veg in an attempt to pass it as washing. I know, shame on me, two slaps on the offending hand.

It is an important part that needs to be done though. Just think of all the strangers, some peed quickly on way to work and shook their johnsons in a gesture of cleaning themselves, touched our produce… a lot. Then you have all the chemicals, lovely bacteria and whatnot that have found a home for themselves in the who knows how long transport and storage process.
No washing will clean them perfectly, but some effort will take care of most of that crap.

So, here is what my lazy self has decided to do to achieve this feat. Even though there is advice out there not to wash the food until just before you are going to eat it, that just wasnt working for me.

I get back from the store. Fill my kitchen sink with lukewarm water and put a few drops of my natural fruit and veg wash (not sure what its called, but if you want I can check). Then I dump the whole fresh lot in there and wash it up. Let it sit in the water for a few minutes and then pull it out and put them on a towel to dry. Off to the fridge and fruit bowl and we are ready. I have not noticed things going off quicker because of my one wash fits all approach.

What do you do? Or am I the only one that used to have an issue with this.