Good things around the corner

Good things around the corner

The latest craze around here have been things on wheels – scooters, bikes and such. As I have mentioned earlier, Miss Fab had been desperate for a new bike, one that would not force her to ride with her knees to the sides to avoid hitting the handles, that is. A bike that would fit  her now much elongated body. We, on the other side, have been on a money saving spree, cause we hope to pack the traveling bags and go gallivanting around the world next year. And the issue kind of got left aside in the hope that on one of our op-shop outings we would find a second hand bike that would be to her liking.

The kids adjust though, and she and Little B shared the tiny pink bike on their rounds outside quite happily.

Then the other night, Miss Fab is sauteing some onions for me and we are busy in the kitchen, preparing for dinner, and here comes in Mr.Blab. ‘You may want to come outside’, he says to her, and a grin is stretching his face somewhat uncomfortably. She is not really interested, as she likes to cook, so she kind of mumbles something. I am not impressed he wants to steal my help, but am getting curious as to what is he grinning about so late in the day. ‘I think you have to check out what is in the driveway’, he continues and I can see that he is barely stopping himself from tossing her on his shoulder and running out there with his catch. Miss Fab, reluctantly puts the spoon down and walks slowly to the door, now herself adorned with a silly grin herself. Mr.Blab quickly gives me the scoop about the gift given by our neighbour and now we are both going out to see her reaction to it. And IT was:

A bike, people! Not just any old dingy, old, dusty bike that one digs out of the far corners of the garage. We are talking about a nearly brand new, proper, geared one with a shock absorbed seat to boot. Holy guacamole! It can safely be said that we were speechless. Miss Fab was lost for words and busy gently touching and taking in every bit of this jewel, the best thing that could be standing in front of her at this time.

Miss Fab now has that dream bike of hers. Most importantly it was given with a warm heart and plenty of superlatives for our kids, and those are never wasted on any parent, right?

The bike is a little bit big for the girl, but with a bit of perseverance she has tamed the beast and is now whizzing confidently on it on and off road, with her sister closely behind on that small, pink two wheeler, now a distant part of her childhood history.

Good things happen all the time. Being on the receiving end of them is unbelievably humbling.

This was a comparatively big thing, but in my experience even a small gesture, smile or kind word can make the day of anybody. Lets do more of that.

What is the last thing that someone did for you out of the blue?