We did a bad thing

We did a bad thing

Awhile ago I was sweeping the back from all the leaves that come down on us in autumn, which is one of the negative part of having so many trees around. Flippidy-Flop and an ALIEN bounces from the pile I am sweeping and I jump about like a scared cow, or at least as I assume one such creature would, and pause. And wait for the attack, which inevitably follows in such cases. Nothing. I approach the strange creature, slowly and carefully.  What in the world is that, I am thinking to myself and try to hold my shaking hands still.  It just stays there, stalking me, staring at me with its, what?, painted on eyes. It looked cute in a weird squishy, butt with a thorn kind of way. I poked it with a stick and it did nothing, just looked at me with those pretend I am not a caterpillar eyes.

I knew the girls would love to see this, so I covered it with a nearby clear plastic tray and went on with my business, although now somewhat freaked out and looking around for other creatures that may want to jump at me. Definitely not one of my proudest moments.

The kids loved it. Mr.Blab poked it, with his finger! , and they decided we should keep it for a bit and we piled up a selection of leaves and branches in there and covered it up.

Then a few days later the little bugger decided to change the game and turned pupa on us. It had made a little tent like area from the leaves, which were now stuck to the pavement on the edges and in the tent was the little wrapped up package.

We had no plans to keep it for long, but now we had no choice, we didnt want to leave it unprotected, so we left the cover on and checked up on it from time to time.

Nothing seemed to happen.

For awhile.

Then one day our check up revealed the sad ending to this short story.

Sorry, fella.

If it helps, you were one wonderfully beautiful moth and now I have a new appreciation for your kind.

Moths Rock!