A person is not people

We watched Men in Black tonight. We pile up on the floor in front of the screen, all within an arms reach of the huge popcorn bowl, and enjoy our weekly movie experience. And then out of the blue, I was served a possible answer of some thoughts that have been making their rounds in my head lately.

I am finding it hard to reconcile a lot of what is happening around me in any way that will make it easily digestible. Politically, for example, one of the main issues on the agenda for the main parties in the upcoming elections is that of unauthorized arrivals and asylum seekers – or as they are known around here by the derogatory name of boat people. Anyone that has no idea about what is happening would be thinking Australia is overrun by these people and at genuine risk of destruction. Yet, once some facts enter the arena and it becomes clear that the numbers are about 1% of the total immigrant intake, that there are at least 10 times more illegal immigrants from overstaying visitor visas and about 90% of those who come by boats are eventually recognized as refugees, suddenly those 100 or so people who possibly may be trying to cheat the system seem more than trivial. Especially having in mind all the hate, prejudices and phobia that is created towards some of the most unfortunate and desperate people around. And people as a whole buy it and invent numerous excuses for inhumane treatment that should not be happening in a country like Australia.

On the other hand, I dont believe people are bad, malicious or horrible. So I find issues like the one above very hard to mold into a comfortable shape for my consciousness.

And then tonight, rested in the bean bag, dipping my strawberries in some warm chocolate sauce a simple quote on the flickering screen spoke to me:

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

At this moment I have to agree.