Our splashing Thursday

Our splashing Thursday

This is pretty much a false first picture for this post, because today was mostly cloudy and rainy kind of day. But I will take a blame for lacking visual authenticity because I loved the birds. And birds always seem to make a day feel better, unless they are stalking you for your picnic food or pooping on your head.

We go to a wonderful park after writing class on Thursdays. It is hidden amongst the bushy  greens of the city and you would not think you are in one, unless you jump real high and look around while spinning. But since none of us can or want to do that, its a great escape in mellow land until the schoolians (school kids) are released and start to run and scream around the place like freedom hungry beasts. If you sensed some negative feelings towards them, it aint so. I fully understand and commiserate with them and their situation. They need to release a lot of bunched up energy, and I since personally have no need for it, I prefer not to be around to witness it.

So while the school doors are tight shut, we enjoy a world to ourselves. The park is free, the tennis courts too. The kids, ranging from almost 2 to early teens, go and take it all in, while the grown ups sip on warm drinks and nibble and provide lunches. Although the little ones usually have no time to eat, instead wait till the car ride home to inhale the food.

When the bikes and scooters are not needed anymore, they get delivered to us for safe keeping and the riders disappear in the distance somewhere.

The rains today cause a bit of change of plans so we ended up seeing more of the kids than usual.

The little, little ones, made the most out of the puddles. Mixing them with a found plastic spoon, stomping in them til the wet creeps up half way up their pants, are only a few of the joys of the gifts left behind a sprinkling of rain.

I love Thursdays.

It is refreshing to see kids of such a wide age range not only managing to stand, but enjoy each other. Its far from strange to have teen boys being silly with a one year old, not because of obligation, but because they find the fun in it and feel free to do so without any risk of embarrassment. The big kids watch out for the little wandering souls, while the later in turn adore the company and skills they can gain from the experienced, all-knowing children. There are no cliques, no ‘besties’, no segregation and special groups. A bunch of kids that play free and I have never heard them argue or cause conflicts of any kind. Refreshing is definitely one way to describe it. A bit like mandarins shared on the veranda:

At the end of the day, Dodman requested I switch on one of the lamps and hence gave me inspiration for some snaps. I wonder if he knew it will make for some pleasant imagery…

I am going to be moving this blog to its own domain. I hope it will happen soon, but who knows when I will get around to doing it. I am also doing a slight redesign, which is going quite slow too. This will be especially important if this trip comes true.

I will try to let you know if any big works/changes are coming up, but since I am a bit of an impulsive person, I wanted to warn you not to be surprised if you come around and you are greeted by a gobbledygook looking page. Just smile, wish me luck and come back later.