Winter a la Aussie

Winter a la Aussie

Wе аre adventurous kind of folk. We are not afraid to go for the wild option when one is available. So when Mr.Blab said “Lets go to the beach!” today,  in the middle of winter, we all jumped at the opportunity for some extreme experiences. We could encounter some gale force winds, below freezing temperatures and the threat of hypothermia. We had to mentally prepare ourselves for the worst, so we packed some towels, plastic digging paraphernalia, bottle of water and set off with eyes wide open, as much as the glaring sun would allow.

I never liked winters when I was growing up. No, thats a lie. I liked that first day of freshly fallen snow, when I would go with friends to a nearby park and ride my mini ski. The skis consisted of a small flat metal bit that would tie up to my shoes with belts and buckles. It was like riding down a hill on squished ice skates. But much better. How we didnt break our heads, I will never know.

I definitely never liked the days of melting snow, when the streets are like a badly made gray slushy and when the moisture seems to seep through your bones and one’s feet are never warm. Lets not discuss the view – the piles of dirty snow all over never made it to a tourist brochure for a good reason.

Moving down under had many dangling carrots for me, lack of European winters was one of the big ones.

I want to officially announce: I have become a winter wuss!

My idea of a cold weather adventure consists of something like this:

Kids running around looking at shells and collecting the best ones in little buckets.

Little man in a bubble suit, digging his little toes in the sand.

Or just kicking back.

Random kisses for cuteness that cannot be ignored:

And when I try to take some pictures of surfers near by, I especially love being interrupted, having my shot destroyed, kaput, done,  by and overly excited girl on the way to the ocean.

Where she could fly.

Sitting on the edge of the beach, watching Mr.Blab play ‘kick the wet sand’ with our first born was about as exciting as I wanted today.

Warm feet in fine sand beat cold feet in squishy wet shoes any day.

Any day.

Those kisses again.

Sand pancakes, served warm with maple syrup.

And shark teeth shells that go straight into the bucket of treasures.

This is winter!

(to be continued)