Winter mud

Winter mud

Just because its colder, doesnt mean that mud is ever left alone around here. Its like a magnet for my metal kids.

The grass has gone wild and the girls have planted some in pots. A week ago they gave one as a present to our neighbour, and they like it so much, they had to make some for themselves. The green color in the backyard is due to the rains that poured for a few days. It draws us out every time the sun shows up. We also have our little winter veggie garden growing and its fun watching the progress. Its not like we have ever grown garlic, onion, cauliflower, spinach…carrots. But we are giving it a go. I figure if we grow just our garlic, it will save us a few hundred dollars easily. We inhale the stuff.

So, we are out. And the mud does its call:

“Coooome, get meeee…..coooome…ooooo…I am here…waiting…squishy…muddy…coooome…”

And the little ones listen.

Inspecting our snap peas, which are looking lovely indeed.