The planning process in action

The planning process in action

Mr.Blab is a collector, as he likes to call it. I call it other things. One of the items he has accumulated over the years are travel guides, cause we havent just suddenly realized our love of travel, the bug has been planted long ago, and the itch has been scratched before. We have been dreaming of an extended trip for years. The long term plan was to make a full run around Europe with a motor-home once we retire. South America has been a dream destination for both of us, as neither of us has been there. And of course the full family around the world trip is not a new idea, although up until now it was not more than a day dream.

Finally, those guides are needed and now they are piled on the office floor and just about everywhere around the house. And if that was not enough, we have borrowed numerous books from the libraries around us – some informative, others of adventures people have taken. There is so much information that needs to be processed, I have caught myself a few times overwhelmed and wondering how we can put it all together in any sort of usable format.

For example, the initial idea was to buy a motorhome in Europe and save a bunch of money over the months on accomodation and transport. Then sell it in the end. But then more information comes to light and suddenly that plan doesnt seem as good or straight forward as it did yesterday. Should we get railpasses? Should we take the bus? Where do we want to go, or much harder question to answer, where dont we mind not going? Because as long as a year sounds, the world is rather big and we will barely manage to scrape the surface of it. On top of that, when you are trying to do it as cheaply as possible, the plans need to be flexible and realistic.

The plane tickets? Oh, the plane tickets. This one is proving a tough one too.  I thought it will be a good idea to buy the tickets from Asia, make our way to there ourselves and skip a continent on the RTW ticket – cause you pay according to how many of them you want to visit. After some search, we were unpleasantly surprised that tickets from Asia are much more expensive, so this money saving trick was not going to be saving us any money. Boo-hoo.

Next was to cut off South America and just make our way down there when we reach North America. Maybe a short flight from Miami down to Venezuela. Maybe drive down there (not a good idea). Then bus around the continent as needed. And this way if we run out of time by the time we get there, we can skip – I cant believe I am saying this – South America, and save it for a different trip. This is still hanging undecided too.

The best part of this process so far has been…you! After I put out my plea for free accomodation anywhere around the world, your responses and open welcoming arms have warmed my soul more than I would have thought. Thank you very much from the bottom of my melted heart!

The girls have had fun putting green dots for every open door we have on the map. And other colored ones for places they want to go. Oh, and we have a brand new map, of course. Wipe-able, so we can wipe the excited drawings of the kids be flexible.

This is a very small fraction of the stuff that is happening in our house at the moment. Its exciting, its strange, its scary at times, its so wonderful that seems unimaginable and impossible. I wonder where this process will end?

Until then I have a lot of green dots on a wipeable map to warm me up on cold nights like tonight.