Bike on a goat

Bike on a goat

Miss Fab has been after a bike for a few weeks now. She really wants a bike, or so she says. And its not that we are dreadful parents getting enjoyment from not meeting our children’s wants, but financially we would rather not buy a bike right now. Bad quality, Chinese crappy bicycles go in the hundreds and lets not talk about any good vehicles on two wheels.

I suggested that maybe she can fit my bike and she grabbed the duster happily and we went to dig it out from the garage. Unfortunately, even with putting the seat down all the way, she is still a bit too short to use it. But while we were up to our elbows in dust and cobwebs, a little bike she had years ago caught her eye. We dragged it out, pumped its tyres and she attempted to squeeze herself in it. Hard, but not impossible. When there is a wish, there is a way ;)

Since Little B still hasnt had her two wheel skills developed, we went down to a flat rarely used parking lot to get her on her way.

Her sister was about this age when in just half an hour I thought her to ride a bike. And this time it was not taking much longer. Before we knew it, Little B was pedaling on her own with me running behind, playing catcher. We didnt get to work on her turning ability, but maybe next time.

Then Miss Fab got on and despite her knees bashing into the handles and suffering many a scratches,  they made some kind of running, cycling game. Dodman was walking around, eating a pear and pretending to be interested. Instead he was regularly trying to get himself on the scooter, now lying unused on the ground.

It was a lovely, sunny day. Warm winter afternoon brushing the green grass on the field beside us. A nice break from the cold rainy weather that has been visiting us lately. The feeling of letting go of the bike your child is balancing on and watching her go, grinned from ear to ear, is fantastic.

But before you get all mushy on me and maybe wish your afternoon was that nice, I will let you in on a secret – the kids were all whiny, Dodman has a cold and the girls…who knows why, but there was so much whining that on the way back, I reached my limit of patience, grabbed the bike, which weighs more than my son, who was strapped on my back, and carried the whole set up the hill at impressive speed. I had to finish the outing as soon as possible, no matter how heavy my heart was pumping and how loud my hands were screaming to let go of their load.

It was one of those days when its best to stay home, although now I only have the memory of that moment of letting go of the bike with my daughter on it and an incredible pride of myself for running up that hill like a perky mountain goat. I am not as unfit as I thought ;)