What if after you wake up, you are put on a potty and

What if after you wake up, you are put on a potty and

…someone takes pictures of you?

Before you lynch me, understand that I have not been in a picture taking mood lately, so when I had the opportunity, I grabbed it. My model was not willing to smile or even look at me, but I managed to steal a few snaps before I was completely ignored.

The boy is growing, flapping about in his big fat socks that are meant to keep his feet warm. I love watching them jiggle in the air before being slapped on the floor. Flap – flap – flap. He is growing and his toes have decided to poke out of the feet of his full suits and instead of sewing them up, yours truly grabs the child, walks to the bathroom, grabs the scissors and makes pants out of them – without even taking them off. And now we have only one pair that is still whole. So long, handy woman.

He walks out of the back door without crawling. There is a little step there and he used to have to go to the floor to keep safe, but now no more. He is a big man capable of stepping into the world with his head held high.

He is growing and understanding just about everything we say, but still talks little…if any. I am still dada, as is everyone else that he calls. When he really, really wants me in the middle of the night he will mumble mama, but that is saved for special occasions. His first and still favorite word is bee, actually that would be bee! said with a big gusto and excitement. Bebe and gah! (for duck) are a few others. Hmmm…that is the extent of his chatter. Otherwise he blabbers all day and makes monologues with the required intonations and hand gestures. I will desperately miss those. And all the signs he loves using.

He is funny. We are mostly laughing in his presence, which is like always. Really, there is a lot of laughter here and I should not be surprised at the deep smile wrinkle that dawns on my face. I am surprised I can put my mouth back to normal at all some days.

Like when I realize I am being ridiculous with my camera and reflector in front of my barely awake son sitting with a bare bottom on the potty…giving me one of those looks:

I laugh
and drop all the paraphernalia, lift my growing son
hug him and squeeze that softer than clouds bottom.

Cause he is not that grown up yet ;)