We climbed and we ate cake

We climbed and we ate cake

Climbing has been on my list of things I wanted to try for awhile. Dont ask me why I have not done it yet, because I am afraid I have no good reason. The usual lame excuses come to mind, but I will not offend you with them.

The other day, though, life presented the opportunity and friends of ours had a birthday party at a indoor climbing place. And off we went.

Even the gear makes one look cool. It gives that sporty, capable, I will climb up this rock for you appearance to a person. And we got to wear it the whole time we were there. Then one just connects to the chosen wall – you need a climber and a catcher(the person that will hold the ropes if you fall) and off you go.

The kids were going smashingly. One of the boys used my wall, the one I was minding – catching – and he just monkeyed up to the top in one go. Made it look easy. My girls took a bit to warm up, but even Little B made it to the top twice, be it with a lot of holding on my part when she would just hang on the ropes like a Christmas decoration.

It was cold. A big hall with no heating is cold. Not that it would matter to those that are monkeying up the walls, but those of us holding ropes down there, the plebs catchers, we got to feel the burn. My fingers were red, probably in combination of the cold and the ropes.

After a few hours I just couldnt stand it anymore and had to try for myself. No other adults in our group were spidering up the bumpy walls, but I just had to. Connected myself and faced the wall. My jeans are tight, cause someone is eating way more than they should, so I kind of pulled them up higher. I hoped my poor fingers would hold me, rubbed them together for a bit and then I set off.

And, believe me or not, I went up that wall swiftly and lightly as though I have been doing this forever. Bam, bam, bam, voila! I am stretching for the slap at the top and I hear

“Maam! Maaam!” the excited voice of Miss Fab reaches me.

I am feeling even prouder – being a good example and all.  Turn and wave. She is jumping happily and waving back.

And then for a second there, I was wondering how to get down. Nicely. Its not as easy as it looks, this upsailing stuff. After a bit of a mental block, I just leaned back and went for it and managed to not destroy my daughters pride in me ;)

I have to do this again. Take the clan and go climbing.

The kids started using the soft padding (mattresses under a cover) for various other fun games. Like flopping and flipping.

Most of the shoes were off at some point.

Cause I was told, they interfere with the balancing on ones hands.

I just took their word for it.

And as usual in those gatherings, the children dont eat nearly as much as we would think and most of this lovely food, lovingly prepared by the mother of the birthday girl, went back home, safely packed in the boxes it came in.

Although, see those sandwiches…up there in the left upper corner?

I ate most of them.

And that is why my jeans are tight.