How does one deal with a rut? When life feels uneventful and uninspiring. When the daily grind has swallowed the imagination out of it and the autopilot has taken over?

We all have different ways of tackling the problem. Some just accept it as being the life they are meant to live. Others, paint the walls or redecorate the house. More adventurous folk go to New Zealand and jump off a high bridge with just a springy rope to their feet. And few climb freezing deadly cold mountains. And that is just scraping the surface of the possibilities and ingenuity of the human spirit to deal with the mind ironing monotone unfulfilling reality for a lot of us.

We, for example, are in the midst of tossing ideas, crunching numbers and day dreaming about the possibility of leaving everything and going off to travel the World for a year or more.

You would think that the more one delves into such an idea, the more crazy it would seem. But you would be incorrect, which makes it hard to leave it back in the drawer labeled ‘hopefully one day’.

So the dream lives on for now. We even have  ideas and to do lists going on.

Even thinking about it brings a spring to my step – I did catch myself skipping towards the kitchen yesterday.

Imagine! … I am already swimming in it.