Our current favorite crouton recipe

Our current favorite crouton recipe

Since venturing back to cream soups in the last year, I mixed up this recipe once under pressure to come up with something out of the blue. I have not made croutons, ever really. My mom used to whip some up in my childhood, but that is about the extent of my experience.

Until now. Now I am rubbing shoulders with crispy bread bites as though we are best friends.

That initial batch of croutons turned up such a hit that I have not changed it since then. I have tried it with all kinds of bread – seeded, wholemeal, wholegrain, rye and really just about everything but white and it works every time.


Cut up the bread into cubes, it does not have to be stale at all.

Warm up the olive oil in a pan that will fit your bread and then throw it in with some salt and stir to make sure all the cubes are coated in the oil. If needed add more. You dont want it dry.

Then fry them up until they start to crisp up with some toasted bits here and there. Like this:

Plop them on some paper towels to cool a bit and if you have not until now, make the rest of the mixture.

Chop up nicely some parsley and garlic. Then grate finely some Parmesan and mix the whole lot.

Mix well the croutons with the fresh mixture.

And then throw it on your soup for some delicious crispiness.

Or eat it as it is, as often happens in our house.