More me, me and me

More me, me and me
The author pregnant with Little B

Who has been the biggest inspi­ra­tion in your life???

How’s those pits com­ing along??

Asked Bec.

I will start from the end – the pits questions. This is follow up on an earlier post on the issue .

Bec, the pits are back to where they used to be before my little experiment – in need of a wax, but will wait for a bit longer cause its cold and I cannot be bothered. I did gain something out of the test though. I was able to reach a stage at which the hair didnt bother me so much. I am afraid, though, that complete freedom, such as I can wear it comfortably on a hot summer day in public, was not achieved. But in the end I have two choices – one is to screw society and refuse to de-hair, which leads to facing a lot of prejudices and stereotypes stamped on my face.  The second to get rid of the hair, even though I disagree with the reasons, and avoid the pitfalls of being alternative in this particular area.  In the end I went with the later option. I am not afraid to be different, to swim against the tide when its important to me or I think its best for my family. I will breastfeed my elderly toddler in public without being bothered by disapproving stares. I will give birth in my house, when just about everyone sees the hospital, epidurals and surgery as a better, “more civilized” option. I will homeschool my kids and face the unpleasant stereotypes that often go with that. And so on and so on. Those things matter enough that they make it worthwhile to me to abandon the pack. But I am not antisocial. I dont, even for a second, pretend or imply that I am happy to live in isolation of the world I live in. I care about fitting in the society I have chosen to live in, if not fully, at least as much as possible.

In the end, even though the issue of body integrity for women is important to me and I wholeheartedly disagree with the images we have surrounded ourselves with, I am not prepared to put myself on the line for it.  I fail to see the real value in curbing this trend – for me. No matter how ridiculous, hairy women are seen as dirty, disgusting, unsightly, unsocial and so on.  Its a price I am not prepared to pay, when I fail to see an equally important gain for me or someone that I love. True, if enough women start to do that maybe in a few generations, if the stars align just right, women may be free of this burden. Unfortunately, I am not that altruistic. The cost way outweighs the benefit – for me.

Maybe one day we will live in a place that will not care about my pits and then I can align my beliefs with my society. Until then, I will accept that there are some things I can just accept as a price for living in the place I do.

As far as the inspiration person in my life…I am not sure I have one. Lots of people inspire me for various reasons. Some are creative, others inventive, inspiring thinkers or simply magnificent personalities. I guess its a reflection on my wide spread interests that there is not one person that can capture most of the things that stop me in my tracks and make me want to be a better me.


I am in a bit of a rut lately. Maybe its the cold and unpleasant weather. Maybe its time for a change and shake up of the dust around here. I am not sure.

I am not sure.