Salted puppets

Salted puppets

We went for a walk today to the shops. Got some things and came back. As I was starting to prepare for dinner I realized that we had forgotten the salt. We had no salt. None.

– We have like no salt – I said, half giggling, half disbelieving we forgot.

– None? – joins in Mr.Blab

– Yep, none – I continue shaking the salt grinder high and wide for all to see.

– Do we need salt – asks Little B, nibbling on her pretzels, not looking very interested in the conversation.

– We do, we need some to make the chili yummy…

– I know, we can get the salt from the pretzels! – says she, as though its the most obvious idea ever.

After agreeing her solution is a wonderful one indeed, the girls started collecting the salt from the top of the little nibbles. And there is a lot there. Not enough to prevent a new walk to the shop, but plenty to show them even the way out there answers to problems can very well be practical.

Loved it! The girl does amaze us from time to time. The times when she is not jumping around like she has bees in her pants, or wiping her grubby hands on the newly put on clothes. I can safely say she makes more mess then her brother when she eats too. She is loud and has the most annoying scream ever.

But then she casually shines with her wonderful ideas, usually in need of a second look to be appreciated. She is learning alone to read, I cant stop her from doing her maths ( I try to, because I dont have the manipulatives she is supposed to do it with ), listens to everything even if it doesnt look like it and then remembers it like an elephant. Has a lot of patience for her brother, more than I would expect her to at this stage.

In the end its her ideas that always stop me in my tracks. She is free. Her thoughts are free of limits. She is not concerned with how things are supposed to be done, because she rarely gets put in those boundaries.  Her drawings, little gifts and creations show it. The 10-15 minute songs that go like: I aaaam in the car, in the caaaar, there are people out, tree!, aaaaa, we stopped now, now, nooooow, my pants are red, my nails are looong, loong like the snakes…

The other day she was asking me where are the fabrics, the strings, the scissors. I saw her making a huge mess on my desk, creating something, very intently. Then Mr.Blab and I got our own puppets.

Here is mine:

I haaave a daughter, I loove her so muuuuch ;)

Anyone have a special use for pretzels salt?