Bangs, Lights and Answers

Bangs, Lights and Answers

Last night before having my shower I decided that I needed some change, so I chopped off my hair and gave myself bangs. Light fluffy bangs. Mr.Blab likes them and says it gives me “rock chick” looks. I dont know about that. But its a change.

Then tonight I decided to try my new lights and show you my hairdressing abilities at the same time. Now that I see the results I think I may have to prepare myself a bit more next time – maybe brush my hair, maybe put some blush on or something, maybe dress for the occasion instead of just plopping my robe on the floor and going with whatever was under it.

And I have not forgotten your questions. And since autoportraits around here go with the answers, lets not break tradition.

Melanie asked:

Where did the „blab” fam­ily name originate?

On your trip around the coun­try did you meet any­one new that you have stayed in touch with over the months?

Which loca­tion or mem­ory of your trip, when you think about it, puts a smile on your face?

Blab? I wish it was something more interesting, but the story goes like that – I wrote Mr. and then paused and then wrote Blab. Influenced by the blog of course, it just sounded fun and short and connected with this place. And as soon as I wrote it I loved it.

Did you mean on my trip around the world? Cause funnily enough, I still havent been around Australia. Unfortunately not. The whole trip was the most wonderful one person experience I have had. The fact that I only stayed in each place for a short time didnt really allow me to make friends. Maybe next time.

Japan! Loved it, loved it, loved it. As far as a moment…the first funny thing that popped in my head right now was the sign our friend had when he met me at the LA airport. He was standing there, serious, with a big card that said: “Evil”.