Cabbage and Potato Curry

Cabbage and Potato Curry

This recipe was born out of necessity – one of those times there is not much in the fridge and the hunger is pressing. I happened to have two potatoes and half a cabbage on its way out of crispness and just had to make something out of them.

Today was one of those days, so you get my secret life saving recipe as a bonus.

Ingredients Guidelines
few potatoes
half a cabbage
half a teaspoon cumin seeds
tsp of turmeric
chili powder to taste
some chopped tomatoes or 1/3 of a can
salt and pepper

Cut the potatoes and cabbage. Boil or microwave the potatoes until you take the crunch out of them. In a deepish pan, heat about a tablespoon of oil and then drop the cumin seeds until they become fragrant. I love this part!

Then drop the cabbage and listen it sizzle, put the turmeric and chili in and mix, mix, mix until the cabbage starts to slightly soften. Potatoes in and mix a bit more.

Tomatoes come in the pan along with some water and seasonings. Cover and simmer until the whole thing softens – about 8-10 min.

Quick, fresh, tasty, nutritious and yummy!

Now, I am off to do some grocery shopping…