Ladies and gentlemen, I am now cool

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now cool

The other day a package arrived. In fact, there were two packages. In one was the long awaited, long overdue, severely missed replacement of our old video camera. It has been close to a year since it died and it pains me how many unbelievably cute things we have missed since then.

In the last 10 years we have moved through three camera media. First were tapes, then smaller tapes and now we are down to small cards. That is all fine and dandy, gadget technology doesnt scare me, I am with it, I dig it, I understand it. The problems come when that old camera dies and you are left with a pile, no load of tapes you can no longer watch, because the technology is gone.  This is not a hypothetical, this is an example of what has happened to our family. We had one box of tapes that havent been seen in years, and now we have another that is being added to it. Now that we are with cards and hard disk I just hope that in a year or two we will still be able to open the footage at least. I hope.

The other weird fact about gadgets is that as they get better (and smaller) they get cheaper. My head hurts when I think how much we paid for that first camera. This small, cute, HD capable, feature rich grandchild of it, that we acquired, is probably three times cheaper, at least.

The other package, ladies and gentlemen, contained what actually makes me cool from this day onwards. And I ask of you to treat me accordingly. K?

Now I am the proud owner of proper lighting set up. Yep. I have had the one flash for awhile, the other for not so long, but now I have stands, umbrellas and the little thingo majigos that hold the stuff together.

It may not be expensive gear, I may have bought the cheapest option I could find, but it doesnt really matter, because the result is what matters. Although, my flash did fall off the clamp when bumped by a curious Popcorn, probably because its a cheapo crappo option

I cant wait to play with it more after this party business passes through.

Ms. Way Too Coolova