And then he spoke

The night was going into another missing post fill in photograph, until a lovely conversation with Mr.Blab just now.

The setting is the storage room where we were doing some sorting and we chatted about a pair of extraordinary high heels. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Holy Cow, that is ridiculous. How women wear these things…why do they put themselves through this..

Mr.Blab: Cause they are sexeeeey

Me: Sexy?  But why, what makes women in uncomfortable damaging shoes sexy?

Mr.Blab: I think its because it makes their legs look longer

Me: Oh, yeah…I dont see men wear padding on their pants and muscles to look bigger and stronger

Mr.Blab: Hey, thats a great idea. They should.

Me: Yeah, yeah…funny…its a fact – women are not accepted  they way they are while men are and its wrong.

Mr.Blab: Dont look at me, I dont defend it. I am not a leg man anyway.

Me – grumbling something

Me.Blab: I am a butt face man.

And here I bend over and start to laugh and he follows as soon as he realizes his statement. We have this period where no sound is heard and we just laugh so hard its silent.

I live with the  BUTT FACE man. Mr.Blab is dead, long live Mr.Buttface!

I love me a good dose of pee worthy laugh.