To the driver ahead of me

To the driver ahead of me

This was supposed to be a quick venting post, but I got into playing and now you will be bombarded with graphs. Sorry about that.

I am a very pleasant driver. I am mellow and relaxed, but can be spiffy and inventive when the need arises. You wont see me shouting at idiotic drivers and the worst words that could come out of my mouth are “Stupid!” as attested by my kids who have repeated it for me on occasion.

Still, I have this pet peeve that drives me bonkers. I think its a special disability of Australian drivers, because I dont remember such an influx of right/left hand turners anywhere else in the world. I think it must be contagious, because they are everywhere.

Let me set up the scene for you:

The Enemy and I are trying to turn right, but the intersection requires us to wait for the traffic that comes from the other side. So what happens when the light turns green?

Lets see:


And then when the light goes red, The Enemy slowly makes their way to the direction I long for and I am stuck to wait for the next green light. Not cool, Mr. or Ms. or Mrs Driver. NOT cool!

If you are not getting what The Enemy did wrong, keep quiet and pretend that you know. Nod with an understanding smile on your face, cause you can see that I am not happy, you can see my dismissive flick of the hand at the car that is now driving away into the distance. You can see that its not a good time to defend the dark cloud of The Enemy. Right?

Now, lets see if you are stuck behind me at the same intersection. How will the events go differently, how will life be better? Even if you are The Enemy that I was stuck behind yesterday.

The light goes green and… Surprise! There is development:

I move INTO the intersection, which usually allows at least another car to enter it, often more and the ending when the light turns red is a better for everyone.

This is at least a result that is twice as successful as the one achieved behind one of the cars of The Enemy.


Dear, Driver Ahead of Me

Enter the intersection! If you are afraid of it, dont drive, there are many of them around.


For my friends on the opposite side of the rules, the happy ending I am presenting will look like this:

Two or more cars driving happily into the distance.

An event hardly seen in Australia.