If the price is right

I am busy.

I have taken up this project and its taking way too much of my nightly time, but I have high hopes it will turn out nice, so I will share when its done.

Its also the buzzing time of pre-birthday activities. As mentioned, the theme for Miss Fab’s party is Japan and for example tonight we were looking at Tokyo street fashions to get some inspiration for dress ups. And is there some! If you are not familiar with what youth in Tokyo wear, do look it up. Its fun!

So we dug out some clothes, dug through wardrobes and hidden places, forgotten stashes of shoes and its fair to say we have Little B sorted. Not just sorted, she is a fine Shinjuku girl that will make me proud to take her out in the streets of Japan, baby. Then we sorted Mr.Blab with a kimono and sumo hair. This is so much fun. I have an idea for myself, I just have to fix a top I bought years ago that is like a half kimono. The Popcorn and Miss Fab will need a visit to the opshop to finish them up.

My camera snapping finger is tingling with excitement.

I had an idea for the cake, but I am not telling, cause Miss Fab loves this blog and is known to read it on her halftop (aka. her half of my laptop). I aint spilling beans, my darling, you will have to wait…now go do the laundry or maths, whichever appeals to you most.

So I am busy. That means this place gets forgotten and you forget to visit me and I miss you and all sorts of other horrible stuff happens. To counteract my blog absent mindedness for the next week or so, I am willing to bribe you. Yep, I have no scruples.

Every day I dont write a post, I will post a picture off of a pregnancy shoot I have done for a friend of mine,  if you keep on keeping me company – comment, visit, whatever.