6 Days till Lift Off and I am addicted to fitness

This is the week. At the end of this week with a pleasant and sunny start, I will be on my way. Feels strange and exciting at the same time.

Suddenly all the things I havent yet done, seems to be piling up on me. Mostly little things, not ruin our lives important, but still.

I havent been to the gym or on the treadmill since Thursday and am looking forward to taking this body for some whooping. I think I have become addicted – I crave it, look forward to it, I want it and I feel great when doing it… This growing body of mine (which against better judgment and sometimes 7-8 hours of exercise a week is still growing) feels great while lifting bigger weights than the other chicks or folds into a bigger pretzel than the non knocked up ladies. I feel normal and strong, maybe that is what I enjoy so much. Because I am not one of those pregnant ladies that wants to be treated like something is wrong with her – I even fought for my right to do a back bend, when the instructor was saying maybe I shouldnt. So, backbending I still am.

This is the lady that inspired me…Respect!