Late night paper cutting – aka Birthday Invitations

Late night paper cutting – aka Birthday Invitations

In lieu of taking Miss Fab to Japan, as per her original wish, we are having a Japan inspired birthday party in our house. Believe me, I had put myself on the line, I volunteered for the hard job of accompanying her to the small island, but alas, that good old deal breaker Mr.Everyone Hates Money came to the forefront and squished our dreams without even blinking an eye. He is cold hearted  like that.

The invitations have a lot of similarity with the last ones I did for her brother’s  almost a year ago. His were born out of whatever I had on hand and it just happened to be red and white papers. These ones were planned, discussed and approved by and with the Miss Fab council to the very last detail.

I love making them. I think I have a collection of all of the invitations I have made throughout the years for the kids and maybe I can dig in and see if I can show you my favorites. I can think of one which was ‘secret agent’/hero that I looooved how it turned out.

This year its Japan. The girl loves the place and she has not even stepped foot on it. I can only imagine how this love will turn into an obsession once she visits. Cause I certainly fell in love with it and so did her father when he got acquainted.

How old is my big girl becoming?


Next year, we will be there.
One has to dream or else whats the point?