The eyes are the windows to the…?

The eyes are the windows to the…?

I have not forgotten, there are more questions left and I will get through all of them.

Today we will bring forward Vanya’s questions, which was:

Ok, so here’s my ques­tion… Do you teach your kids any spir­i­tual beliefs/values and if so, what are they and how do you go about it?

As far as religious spirituality, no. I dont think I have a religious bone in my body. I have delved, I have read and explored and I can actually appreciate the complexity of them all. I can also appreciate and understand that religions give a lot of people what they feel they need in their lives. I am obviously not one of those people, as they make me more confused and instead of answer questions, actually give rise to a lot more in my mind. And believe me, it needs not any more food, its a beast as it is.

Couple that with my belief that people should be free to find their ways and what works and makes sense to them as far as these things go and the answer will be no, I dont teach my kids this kind of spirituality.

Also, even though I may be seen as an alternative crunchy nut by many,  I dont believe in spirits, in any kind of all mighty power, in energies that I can control or that running barefoot in the forest will get me closer to the fairies.  I do know that if I find myself in a circle of women in the middle of the same forest, with fire warming my face, my hands holding that of another, the wind blowing gently in my hair and if we are maybe singing or laughing or sharing stories that I will feel a power. To me that is simply the power and joy of being amongst others, of belonging and of being accepted.

Even though my first reaction to your question was to respond with a no, the reality is that I do try to present values to the kids which I feel will help them achieve a certain level of mental health – spiritual well being. Not only that, but to be mindful of  others. Because, I dont think its possible to achieve the first if along the way one tramples over the lives and happiness of others.

We have discussed racism, feminism, gay rights, all sorts of religions and histories of such. We talk a lot about experiences and view points – how not every one sees the same things in the same event. I would say that the girls are very emotionally intelligent and have a wonderful grasp of feelings and reading others. Sometimes this is not in my favor as they sense my inner mood even when I am trying to hide it, because I know its wrong. But hey, cant win them all.

On the other hand I dont want them to be only or mainly concerned with others and try to help them build a love and appreciation of themselves. Not that the one is different from the other, as I am not sure a person that values themselves will be dismissive of those around them. Again, I think it all goes hand in hand.

Not sure if this answers your question, as I am not even sure how to define spiritual for myself. At the moment I see it as a… sense of self and the world around us.