Wrap up of our week long experiment – Day 7

I have to say that this week went much better, smoother and easier than I anticipated. Its possible that because I had the night time on the computer to catch up, the withdrawal was not really strongly there. Maybe next time I will try to cut that off too, although I dont really see it as necessary.

What happened? Nothing big changed, but there were a few little things that I could say were probably related to the experiment.

– I read more books

– Mr.Blab joined in the evening activities much earlier and was at the dinner table on time without a fail

– We listened to a lot of music, both CDs and radio

– Miss Fab started sawing by hand the last two days out of the blue

– The kids didnt ask to play on the computer even once – that was refreshing

– Mr.Blab cooked dinner

What didnt happen?

– More cleaning

– More laundry

– More tidying up

I feel better now, as I used to beat myself up that the house will be spotless if I dont read so much on the net. Now I know that is not true and no amount of free time will make me love housework more.

The verdict is that we loved it. Even the kids are opened to doing it again in the future.All in all I think our lives were not that much different though, so that is a relief too. I guess the TV and computer are not as influential in our days as I thought.

The first two days of this week we have kept on most of the rules going. I especially love the radio while I am cooking dinner.

Now its your turn ;)