Wait..What are we not using again? – Day 6

Wait..What are we not using again? – Day 6

I think I have reached the point of comfortable living with this set up. I cant say that today I felt any itchy twitching fingers, neither could I be found walking through the house wondering what to do with myself. My morning coffee went quite nicely with my new book. Dinner ceremonies by radio is growing on me, especially since we seem to have found the right station that plays anything from country to Mozart. Little Richard – “Lucille” was a nice accompaniment to the crazy dancing games after dinner too. In fact it will be a nice background music for the rest of this post, so there:

The bad news is that my lens is broken. The one I use, like 90% of the time. I went to get my camera and it just lay there, motionless to my horror. Little B admitted to dropping the camera with the lens on it a few days ago, so I dont know if that is related, but it doesnt really matter. I hope it wont cost an arm and a leg to fix it. So now I am stuck with a 50mm prime lens and it was strange to be using it not just for a specific purpose, but for everything. Yet, another thing to adjust to. Does it ever end?

The girls spent a good chunk of today raking the piles and piles and piles of leaves that have become our backyard. I love doing this, but so do they and they were quicker. Popcorn started by just observing and shortly though he was down there running through the leaves with his little shovel. I am not sure he did any helping, but I may be wrong.

Then just as I was about to leave to go and drop the lens for repairs and to do some grocery shopping, life became a bit less comfortable for Mr.Blab. I am starting to feel bad for him, cause it seems he gets into trouble a lot around here. But let me assure you, we love him to bits.

Well, not today apparently. Wink, wink. I dont even remember what we were talking about, oh, wait, maybe about when Formula 1 the race is tomorrow…he says something about 7pm. I note that we are still on a no TV rule and even though he has exemption for the race, the pre-race gossip part which goes for 1 hour, is not technically part of it. He tries to defend his stance, but he had none. The girls caught an ear about this – maybe I told told them, I dont really remember – and expressed their unhappiness about this situation, since they didnt get to play the Wii yesterday as per tradition. I said they have my backing on their crusade and went out to do my things.

When I came back, the picket line was set, songs were sang, chants were voiced. True, there was a lot of laughing and silly jumping around and something about “Formula 1 stinks”, but the point is…if you dont want children like that dont take them to protests and definitely dont go thousands of kilometers away to protest yourself. It sets an example and they get ideas about equality and rights and..

…this is what happens:

There were some negotiations between the parties, but agreement was reached and the kids settled into playing Wii for 2 hours with half a bag of pretzels – all part of the settlement.

Love them kids.

And while that was going on, Mr.Blab to the tunes of some unknown country music fellas went on to cook dinner. I helped a bit this time, as food at midnight was not an option ;)

It was very tasty, although I do think it was my guacamole that made it perfect. But since I am not one to steal the limelight, I will keep that to myself. If there are people lurking around, reading my private thoughts, then this is out of my control.

Tomorrow, last day of our little sabbatical.