Takings and about great women

Takings and about great women

Here are most of the takings from yesterday’s hunt. Miss Fab’s scores are missing as they went straight into the kids room and in her special piles. Total came to about $27.


Last night, while we were browsing through and enjoying our sushi rolls, Miss Fab picks up the red book, that one from  near the top of the stack in the left picture and asks me:

“Mum, are you in here?”

Said in a non-ironic, loving, fully knowing I am not, but she thinks I ought to be way.
It took me a second to figure out what she is talking about and then I had that soul melting, self gratifying  realisation that she still sees me as Great. And I wondered when or if this will cease to be at some point. I cant say I have met many grown ups that still think that way about their parents and in this case – mothers. I am not even sure its possible.

Do you think yours is a great woman?