Books galore kind of day – Day 5

Books galore kind of day – Day 5

The State Library has sales from time to time of books at prices that makes it hard for this family not to go and dig through the piles of printed material until all the bags are full to the brim. We love them books. And as much as I appreciate the pleasure of a nice leisurely browse through a favorite book store, I also find it a touch frustrating as the prices are simply prohibitive. More so here, in Australia, where there seems to be some taxation exercise going on, attempting to protect local publishers and authors, which has the effect of making majority of books insanely expensive.

Today though, it was a State Library sale day and we climbed on in the car with our empty bags and set off.

One knows the day will be exciting, when one sees a car loaded with hormonal teen boys, windows down, rocking to the tune of… wait for it…wait for it…Spice girls! Hold me, cause I am falling on my laughter!

The digging, flipping, sitting on the floor of isles of books is really nothing that interesting, unless you are doing it yourself. But maybe you will find this little one amusing.

Ok, maybe not this picture.

But how about this one?


This is what we call this position on the floor – SPLAT.

He sure enjoyed flipping through, never mind that most of the books were turned the wrong way up ;), his flipping one handed action is impressive.

Then we went to the kids Place, where we found a huge snakes and ladders game accompanied by a large squishy dice. We had to play. First the girls did, with the Dodman tossing the dice.

Then Mr.Blab and I played, with the girls throwing for us. I quickly got to one spot off the winning square. Stayed there the whole time Mr.Blab climbed up the ladders and slid down the snakes almost back to the beginning. Until he won, ladies and gentleman. It was not enough he got more fun, while I was waiting patiently for Miss Fab to score that 1, he had to just walk through and win.

Oh, well, I won later.

Popcorn, drew, with his wobbly feet hanging off the chair.

I didnt eat him.

Miss Fab has been wanting some one on one time, so after the library Mr.Blab and the little ones jumped in the car and went back home, while us, the big girls, went for lunch. That is not before we stopped at the Gallery, where she was freaked out by the main exhibition, so we left in a hurry ;)

Sushi train erases any wacky exhibitions, so thats what we enjoyed for sustenance.  This was followed by more printed material at the big bookshop, where we enjoyed drinks and a bit of sweets.

While I picked the order, she went to get us magazines to browse through and she had picked me Science Illustrated. No, I dont read this and I dont even think I have noticed the magazine before, but I found it interesting that this is what she thought would be something I would want to read. I guess I am that geeky. What would you kids pick for you?

On the way back home we picked a bag full of sushi rolls, which we enjoyed for dinner while flipping through the books that now took over the dinner table. Yes, I didnt cook tonight. So there.