Dont feel like writing, but cool wood blocks game – Day 3

Dont feel like writing, but cool wood blocks game – Day 3


It seems that boredom has hit the house. Nothing serious, but Miss Fab said today that she is missing the electronic gadgets. Not in a grumpy kind of way, thank goodness, more as information to the people that are running the experiment. I admitted to feeling some of the same things and that its a good thing to shake up things a bit. Nothing wrong with being bored. She laughed, so I take it as though she agreed.

Little B has not shown any signs of caring either way. At least none that I can see or recognize. But she has never been a big user anyway.

Its the quiet that is really strange. Mr.Blab made a comment about it as well at some point tonight. I am not used to this, I admit. Feels lonely in a weird way. But I am sure if this was going for awhile we will adjust.Right now I am not sure that I want to ;)

We had places to go and things to do today, but the funnest thing we did today was to come up with a new game. Little B, the Dodman and I were lounging on the floor and playing with the wooden blocks – read we were building and he was knocking and cracking up. Miss Fab was busy with some of her notebook work, but joined us at some point and one things led to another and we made the following game:

We all had a set amount of blocks of different varieties.

We start at the same time and the one that builds the first tower with all of them wins.

As we went we added certain rules, like:
– only one piece can touch the floor
– the long pieces have to stand, not lie
– no two of the same pieces can be on top of each other

It was great fun and Miss Fab got it faster then me, which made her all cocky. But I warmed up and it was quite the fun, speedy affair by the end.

Little B tried to keep up, but couldnt and she kept on making houses and asking me to
“Take a picture, Mum”

So I did.