TV and computers get in the gutters – Day 2

TV and computers get in the gutters – Day 2


Today started with a continuing of last night’s competition. This time it was socks. How many socks do you think one can put on?

Little B – managed to make a chunky boot with 16 socks
Miss Fab – looked way to funny with 22 socks on and also grabbed the win.

Advice for those that follow in their crazy adventures – “Socks is much better, the panties were harder and hurt”. Now you know. Knowledge is…a lot.

The heavily padded foot of Miss Fab was approved for sitting on and reading a book. Dodman found it quite comfortable. Not that he doesnt back into just about anybody that is stationary with a book in hand, but this he liked a lot.

Although, if I have to be frank, he loves a lot of what Miss Fab has to offer. She is his second mom and she keeps on wishing he is her son instead. For now she settles for being the best sister around. The lastest fun they have is that he rides her around the house. Holds on to her neck, climbs on and then they are off. It is an adorable sight to see and they are both loving it.

For today though, he took great pleasure in sitting and standing on her crazily socked with 22 socks foot.

Then the girls went on to put as many hair clips and elastics on their hairs. That ended up a bit awkwardly when Little B just showed up with a pile of stuff she was holding on her head. I wanted to laugh, but that wouldnt have been very appropriate. We called it a draw ;)

I am not a morning person. Probably because I stay up late usually, but in general, it takes me a bit to wake up and be happy about it. Until the last two days I would wake up, if I was the first of the adults I would make a breakfast for the kids, then take my bucket of warm aromatic coffee and retreat with feet on the desk to sip it up while checking on the net happenings. Mellow and works.

Well, now I find myself a bit like a lost feather in the wind. I am not awake enough to be all into the day, and I dont know exactly where I want to have my coffee. So today after a few minutes of strange, I grabbed the book from my bag and sat in the sun chair to read with my morning drink. It kind of worked. I need to work on that one.

After the morning happenings I used a leak that was starting to look a bit sad and met it with some potatoes and they created a yummy warm lunch – leak and potato soup with my special croutons.

While the soup was simmering though, Little B and I had a long reading time on the sun chair with a couple of blankets and a pile of Dr.Seuss books. We usually dont do so many, so this was lovely. At some point Mr.Blab came back and served us some yummy juice he had brought from the store. So we sipped at that and laughed at the pink ink loving yink and loved Horton and his person that is a person no matter how small. We love those books.

Since the weather was nice the kids and I went for a walk to a nearby suburb. Well, I was walking, the Dodman was hanging and the girls were scootering. Once there we had an apple break with some fruits we bought from the little store on the corner and then enjoyed a walk back. Of course we stopped at the fish shop too and they had a new fish there – Box Fish. We fell in love and sang to the tune of “Bad” (Michael Jackson) – I am Box Fish, I am Box Fish, you know it… all the way back home.

More music appreciation was had. Macy Gray, Gloria Estefan and a few others were positioned in the approved pile of CDs.

I got on cooking. Chicken again ;)

Breasts went into the fridge for a later meal. The chicken from the stock went into a pan with some mushrooms, rice and herbs. Some stock was added and the rest was made into a veggie noodle soup.

After dinner we had a good laugh with Dodman on the floor of the living room. The girls were nibbling on their square of dark chocolate and when he spotted it he was informed that daddy in the kitchen is giving them out. He was off to ask for some. Then came back with a piece in hand and happily sat down with us on the floor. After a few bites it was gone. He quickly got up and ran to the kitchen, where Mr.Blab could not resist his cute ways and gave him a bit more. The little feet joined us again and we were just bending over laughing at this point. He was not disturbed in the least. After the third time he was told that no more will be had and he accepted that, but came back to us and tried to weasel some from his sisters.

He got read and rode his horse to the bedroom where we snuggled up for the night.

I am starting to wonder if the withdrawal symptoms will show up later in the week, cause so far, I dont think we are finding this nearly as hard as we thought.

And the proportion of laundry being done has not increased surprisingly. Go figure.