No electronic viewing pleasure / distraction Day 1

No electronic viewing pleasure / distraction Day 1

Well, hello net world. Feels like home ;)

In short – we survived and nobody buckled and nobody owes another to wash their stinky load of nappies.

We left the house in the morning, probably because we were like drug addicts, needing distraction from the looming screens in the office. Or maybe it was just a nice day and a long walk to the library sounded wonderfully pleasant. We will never know.

We spent a bit of time in the library, browsing, reading, piling on the chosen ones. I managed to get caught on the newspaper, while Popcorn slept on my back.

Afterwords some park playing was in order, as is just about every time we come for books. The adults were hungry, so we kind of cut this short. Really, my stomach was particularly loud in voicing its displeasure of being empty and someone from the people around would have inevitably made a complaint. And we walked over to the cafe for some veggie balls.

Then we paid attention to the Oxfam shop and piled on daddy with some fruits from the fresh food shop around the corner. He took it like a man. Kudos.

At home we stuffed around with a few things – reading books to toddlers that bring them over and back into your lap. Lego came out to play too.  While Mr.Blab and Little B went to finish some work, the rest of us started pulling out some CDs to listen to some music. Miss Fab has been soaking up the music education lately. By education I mean, just us suggesting some artist and she goes and listens to them and then collects links in her bookmarks to those that pass her approval. Today we started with some Jamiroquai – Little L always makes me dance like a spastic and make some weird L signs with my hands. I hope I didnt look to wacko to my first born. The little one loved me, but what does he know. We had some Dreamgirls. Some Earth Wind and Fire. Then went on to Jimmeeeeey Hendrix. Tweeee-be-de-peee-pom-pom-pomodom…Tweee-be-de-pee! Voodoo Child baby! Then I tried to paint the picture of the times when he was making his music and why it was memorable to the background tune of The Star Spangled Banner.  And then we were joined by the rest of the troops and we just rocked around. Mambo No5 came out of somewhere. Mr.Blab probably.

Anastacia is Miss Fab’s favorite at the moment though.

Then while the girls were enjoying the dusty stereo, the dudes and I went outside.

Sweeping needed to be done. It has been awhile, but what better time.

Fall has made a lot of leaf mess around the place.

Beautiful, isnt it?

Dodman demanded Mr.Blab to feed him lilly pillies.
And nobody says no to such a beast.

The colors are wonderful.

The late afternoon sun was just kissing the brightly painted leaves and making the picture hard to resist

Our most favorite tree is even more breathtaking.

In summer it feeds us yummy berries and gives us cool shade.

In fall its like a balm for the senses.

And I even got my National Geographic wannabe photo, people!

Come ON!

Ah? Ah?

And then it got colder and the Eskimo mossies came out and we ran inside.

Miss Fab and I retreated into the bedroom to play Scrabble.

Not long after we were joined by the Crazy Chess team.

Never heard of Crazy Chess?

Well, it starts all normal, kind of.

Then it all goes crazy.

And you may be against the Ninja Pawn or the exploding Queen and then all of your pieces vanish.


Dinner time was left overs. After which I got the little boy ready and retreated to the bedroom again for our nightly routine. This time he was out in a matter of minutes. He must have been tired little bug. This was good though, because I was eager to go and see how the panty competition was going.

Dont ask me how, but the girls decided to see who can put on more pairs of panties on. And when I came out the battle was in full force and the view cracked me up. They were barely walking around with Little B still trying to put more on.

Then it was time to count and see who was the winner.

Miss Fab managed to squeeze on 26 pairs of panties.

Little B on the other hand, put her skinny bottom into 32 pairs of panties and won by a landslide! She was very proud of herself ;)

After the bedtime routines were over, I did some treadmill time, had a shower and sat down here with a hot cup of coffee to share with you our day.

There were moments of itchy fingers and pauses in the day for me. But overall, it went smoothly. No terrible withdrawals or anything. And I definitely didnt break out in welts.

I will finish with a different image, because who wants to end the day with a pair of panties?  Actually, I probably wouldn’t mind it, but you are possibly more aesthetically sensitive ;)