There was a family meeting

I called a family meeting last night. The girls needed a special explanation as to what that means, but after we passed that we sat down for dinner and I had the word.

My proposal was to have a week of no TV and computers. I have noticed lately we are going down the path of electronics addiction to a certain extent. Mr.Blab has his trivia to get stuck in. I read, too much, and try to spread myself on a few different projects online. The girls have been loving having my laptop, so they have been getting a lot of fun out of it. All good, but its also good to remind ourselves that there are other things to be done, which bring just as much, if not more, fun and excitement. The TV is not really an issue that I can see. We mostly have it on at night, but I just threw it in the pile.

Other than Mr.Blab’s blood drawing out of his face – he did look rather pale – the rest of the family took it quite well. The girls cant wait, and here I was thinking they will be my biggest opposition. Miss Fab said “This will be the best week ever!”, and Little B “Yeeah!”. So Mr.Blab had no option but to agree to the rules, else he would have looked like a trivia addicted bum.

The rules:

For a week,

– No computers
exceptions – Mr.Blab working; You tube to listen to music and me just checking this blog

– No TV
exceptions – Formula 1; some targeted late night watching for the adults

– After kids go to bed – Mr.Blab and I get 1 hour to play on the computers and do what needs to be done to a maximum of 2 hours. No more.

– Adults getting caught playing on the computer during daytime will be reprimanded to take on an extra load of nappies. Each time. (Mr.Blab added “That might as well just read – Mr.Blab getting caught playing on the computer… ;) )

I am excited and a bit nervous. I have already admitted my addiction to the net, many a times. It will be strange not to plop on every free minute to just check up on things – even for a few moments. And it will be wonderful to be free of having to do nappies till the Dodman is out of them, as Mr.Blab has admitted defeat before we have even started. Muahaha.

So, I will keep you updated. Maybe short bursts of blabs in my nightly allocated time, but hopefully more snaps, as I will not know what to do with myself. And maybe the laundry will get done sooner rather than later. Boredom breeds productivity…I hope.

Ok, wish me luck.