Infrequently asked questions cont.

Infrequently asked questions cont.

Lets continue with the answers to your questions.

Next, we go with the winner, Alex, as it seemed to go best with the picture I had on hand ;)

My ques­tion: how did you come up with the names of your chil­dren — I love know­ing where people’s inspi­ra­tion for baby names come from and what dri­ves peo­ple to choose par­tic­u­lar names for their kidlings!

Miss Fab’s name has been on my mind since forever. It has meaning with it – it kind of translates from my name and my name is the name of both of my grandfathers…but really, I just liked it. Mr.Blab agreed. We didnt settle for it though until she was 2-3 weeks old. I guess we wanted to just feel that it fit her.

Her second name is my mom’s name, but again, even though I like the connection, the main reason is that I just like her name.

With Little B we started from scratch. We went through all the books and two names seem to catch our attention. We didnt decide which one it will be, again, until the birth. We dont argue, we dont fight, we dont have any problems between us as far as the names are concerned. We seem to like the same things.

Her second name was an interesting turn of events. We wanted to maybe continue the now going tradition, but we didnt think that Mr.Blab’s mom’s name fit. That is until the truth was revealed that she is using her second name as her first one, because she didnt like the original one. And lo and behold we loved her actual name and it became the second name of our second daughter.

When I got pregnant the third time we were pretty sure it will be another girl. We were professional girl namers by now and her name was planted pretty quickly. It had a Bulgarian twist as well, which suddenly was something I wanted to do. Her second name was going to be Eve – no, no religious overtones, it was in honor of the night ‘she’ was conceived – Christmas Eve. So, Malena Eve was it.

That is until we were presented with the third leg of our daughter staring us on the screen of the ultrasound machine. I will lie if I say I was not shocked. I had always seen myself as a mom of boys. Its not that I didnt want a boy. I just didnt expect to ever get one at this point.

And we sucked at boy names, as we discovered in the weeks following this wonderfully shocking discovery. We sucked, majorly. We never had that much problem choosing with the girls. We went through every list we could think of. At some point he was going to be Oscar, we liked the name. But then I imagined him – fat. What if the boy is fat? Oscar is nice on a lovely charming boy/man, but on a fat one its just wrong.  I had not given up the idea of honoring the night he came to be, so I was again searching for something that has to do with the date. And that is how I stumbled on his name. I saw it – I exclaimed – I uttered it to Mr.Blab – He loved it – and that was that!

His second name is in honor of our around the world trip together and his water birth. It was not easy to find something that has a connection, but is also nice and goes with his name, but we managed ok, I think.

I am happy with the names we chose. Most of all, I am happy we never had to compromise between each others choices. Mr.Blab and I work well together that way. Makes life that much easier.

Hope this answers your question, although in a round about way ;)