Birthday around food – surprise, surprise

Birthday around food – surprise, surprise

The Corona was pouring, the cake was weighing down under the melting ice cream = someone was getting older!

But who?

Yes another year has passed on my calendar and its amazing how little of the excitement that surrounded this celebration has left. I dont hate it, no sirree, that would imply that I am afraid of getting older or that the alternative of it is more appealing. And that is not the case. I think its a combination of not needing to be older to be respected or freer, something that used to be so wonderful to look forward to when I was a child, and the fact that people around me in general dont give two cents worth of attention to their own birthdays.

I would love to celebrate the day, there is so much to be happy and excited about. And really, who needs a special reason and long list of excuses to just have fun? Not me for sure.  Sitting here, writing this, I realize that probably most of us dont acknowledge our own special days, because we expect someone else to do it for us. Its not the thing to be done to organize your own celebration, especially if you are older than 20 or so. I am thinking next year I will make an effort for myself, because I am bloody worth it.

That is not to say that the Snapping Blabber day went unnoticed.

Miss Fab had taken it upon herself to feed me throughout the day.

From breakfast:

Through, packed lunch of smoked salmon with cream cheese and sprouts,
which was absolutely divine and I enjoyed tremendously:

I got snacks as well of cheese plate and whatnot.

For dinner she mixed up a fresh juice of oranges and raspberries.

What did Mr.Blab do?

We have long agreed not to buy each other gifts, just for the sake of buying a gift. We are beyond that and the thought of wasting money because one has to sends shivers up my spine. He can go either way, I am sure, he is easy going that way, but this works fine for him too.

I know he loves and cares for me. I dont need him to spend money to show me.

Instead he cooked for me.

Not emptied packets into microwave bowls and warmed them up cooking. None of that. A buy fresh ingredients, cut them up, measure, season, time it all down type of cooking. He knows I love Mexican, so he found a book of recipes and carefully looked through and chose the menu. I have to give him credit, he didnt go with the easiest one. This one was with quite a few steps.

He dove in.

And after… 4 long hours of kitchen duty,
(four hours, people! How much more love can one ask for)
he presented his masterpiece:

Chicken Flautas with Mexican rice and Salsa

by Mr.Blab

Served along side some chilled Corona with lime, this meal was delicious.

We had all given him a hard time up until that point, as the one time he tried to bake me a cake from scratch the end result is now known as The Brick Cake – it was so hard and stiff, we stood it up on its side and laughed till we peed ourselves. Its now part of the folklore of our family. We talk about it every year. So the pressure was big, but he persevered and we didnt have to jump to plan B of the dinner menu – order pizza ;)

Since Miss Fab didnt want to risk the cake by leaving it in daddy’s hands, she took it upon herself to make me a birthday cake – from scratch. And then she decorated it as well.

I loved it. I loved it so much it replaced The Brick Cake as my most favorite cake ever. By a tiny margin.

And then I turned 1:

My daughter makes a mean chocolate cake.

And my quiet day amongst loving people was over. I was pampered, I was given freshly drawn pictures and messages.  I used the day as an excuse to get what I wanted – for example delivery of a hot drink or to avoid changing a poopy nappy. Who doesnt? You dont? Weeeell, you should.

We only have one day that is about us, we should claim it, grab it and jump around sick with glee because of it. And the others will follow and who knows maybe one day it will be more acceptable to celebrate – living and ourselves.

Because we are bloody well worth it!

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