Kids vs City – Bear Grylls style

Kids vs City – Bear Grylls style

If you are reading the title and looking blankly at the monitor – shame on you. We love to sit back on Monday evenings and enjoy an episode of Man vs Wild. There is nothing better than watching Bear Grylls run around the wild, eat live snakes, drink his pee, drain his freshly cooked muscle soup through his socks or sleep in the fur of a freshly skinned animal. I assure you. And on top of it all he is often naked right before jumping in some god forsaken wetland or quicksand  and let me tell you, the sight is nothing to snicker at. So top points all the way.

Now, if you are really not aware of who and what I am talking about, go read here, or watch some videos here.

We have been watching him for awhile now and the girls love it. Lately though, they have started to play Bear Grylls around the backyard. They run around, pretend to eat stuff, talk like him and it is some of the funniest thing I have seen. Sure entertains us old folk.

The other day, the stakes were raised again, I was met with a full blown set up, when I went outside. The fire was burning, the little plant soup was cooking, they were preparing their night cover. True, the pretzels they were nibbling on were not authentic, nor was the pile of Dr Seuss books they were enjoying, but I was yet again impressed by their ingenuity. Those kids never stop to amaze me, to stop me in my tracks. I also wonder if I was that way as well…I wish I remembered.

Dodman was there as well. He was mostly going in and out of the tipi, “sleeping” on command and eating pretzels, but I am sure he wouldnt have had anything against taking his gear off and running around the place to warm up. And of course  he would have had dry clothes available, and we all know that is so very important, thanks Bear! You teach us so much. Pretzel?