Two and a half years ago..

Two and a half years ago..

Little B became 3 years old.

I was browsing through some old photos and trying to sort them out, so you get a bit of a taste of my reminiscent feelings.

Just as this year, we went down south to Denmark to celebrate her birthday. I was freshly pregnant with a certain Popcorn.

We stopped at the fairy parks along the way..

Back then we stayed at this wonderful little place that was built, carved and hand crafted  by artisans from the area. Run by a hippie looking couple that were fun to chat to, the spot was perfect for us. In the morning through the blinds the girls would spot the kangaroos  in the yard and then run around and laugh at the little poo deposits in the grass.

We did the walk through the woods, which was magnificent.

One could even look out to the world from the giant trees.

We had a lot of tasting plates from the farms around the place. In general there was a lot of eating happening as the weather was not great, so we needed frequent stops to warm up or fuel up for the constant shiver of our bodies.

Running around did the same job for some.

Our most favorite beach in the whole world was freezing, cold and miserable. Still, stubbornly we went there and had fun in spite of it all. A bit of jumping here, a bit of running there, some splashing, rock climbing and before we knew it the girls were soaking wet piles of sandy mess. But they were loving it. Me? I was half frozen, I think.

The party get away was a success, as is every trip down south.

I love this picture of an exhausted three year old on her way back home.


As you guessed it, I got nothing sorted out. It always happens that way. I have great intentions, I dive in and then float away on a visual memory current until its too late to be productive and I postpone the whole thing for some other time.

At least this time you can join in for some of the journey back in time.