Me, me, me! All about me!

Me, me, me! All about me!

Well, its my blog and I can talk about whatever I want.
Plus, I figure, if you are half as curious as I am, you might enjoy the ride too.
Plus, you have all been so quiet, maybe I dont feel like being interesting anymore. And no, I didnt hear the snicker from the back row that my posts have not been interesting to begin with. I have a selective hearing that way.

Today I will answer one of the infrequent questions you posted for me.

Look, this one looked like it went with my picture of calm leisurely super woman:

“How do you find time to write a great blog, take amaz­ing pic­tures, nurse a baby, be a cool cre­ative mom, be a wife and home school two kids? do you have an army of „helpers” behind the scenes like Martha Stewart,are there two of you, Do you ever sleep? What do you do for your­self? Yoga, the gym… Seriously I want to know how do you do it? I’m lucky to get one blog a month out!”

Oh, Niki, where to start with this one…

First the blog. I dont know how you do yours or how its done usually, but it doesnt take me that long. I have lots of ideas throughout my day or when I am falling asleep, but those seem to never quite work out when I sit down in front of the monitor. What I do is grab the pictures and then look at them for a minute and write the first thing that comes to my mind about them. It helps that I am a very fast typer too. Years ago I spent a month learning how to touch type and it is a life saver now.
Then, I cant even believe I am admitting this, but I dont even reread what I have just written. A big No NO in any writing manual. And having in mind that English is not my language, its probably equal to blog suicide. Thankfully Mr.Blab lets me know when I have done something silly, like written “ball” instead of “bowl”.

The pictures just happen. Very, very few of them are set up, so all that it takes from me is just to snap the photos as the events are happening. Really, that is of no time or effort concern for me. Its the organizing afterwords that gets me and doesnt always happen.

The homeschooling is pretty free in this house. We dont sit down at a particular time and do particular lessons. Since I would like the kids to continue on their path to discovery mostly steamed by their own love of discovery, all that I try to do is give them opportunities to do so. We go to libraries, interesting events, read books and expose them to variety of subjects and activities. We visit a few classes and groups on top of it as well, just if they happened to be fun and the girls enjoy them.

Alas, no “helpers”. Both of our families are far away on different continents, so no family members to pitch in either. Would love a cleaner, but I will probably just run around trying to scrub and tidy the house  before they arrive anyway, so not sure its going to be as good as I imagine it. Mr.Blab and I have been by ourselves from the beginning so I guess we have become very efficient and work as smooth as butter together. No kidding, its a smooth ride and when everyone is pitching in or knowing when to offer extra support as needed, the two of us are quite enough.

No, I dont sleep.

Maybe a little bit. But here is where most of my “free” time comes in. When the kids go to sleep. I have long been a night owl. All my studying has happened at night. All my university projects were done under the stars also. After the kids were born there was no other choice either, but this habit did not come about because of them, it just worked beautifully with them.
I do most of my blogging, photo work, intricate craft projects, reading, browsing… at night. There will be a pig flying above my bed if I am in it before midnight. Or even 1a.m. Or even…

What I do for myself? You read about most of the things in here. This whole life is for me too, its not some kind of self sacrificing gift for my children. On top of that I like to keep active with yoga and walks, although this has fallen by the side lately. I enjoy making things a lot. Reading. Challenges invigorate me, when I can find the right ones. People, I like people. I also talk a lot when I get the chance. Bla bla bla…

And really, I can do more, if I am frank with you. I do a lot of needless browsing/reading on the net. I think I have admitted to this before. I would say a good 1-2 hours a day can be saved there and used more productively. Some days probably more, when I am reading about something of interest to me or digging deep into a subject that has captures my attention.

So really, in short, I am perfect. My life is a breeze and the kids always make their beds [1. A complete pile of stinking lies! Dont ever trust that woman!]


Yes, the auto-portrait at the beginning happened flawlessly without any glitches. I just laid on the floor, positioned my camera and click! the shot was done. On the very first go. I had absolutely no tiny people trying to get in on it or bringing books over  or moving my flash…or stepping right in front of my face as the timer was counting out…

In case you were wondering.

*Tossed carefully groomed hair and rode on her white horse into the sunset*