Weekend productivity lurks around the corner

Weekend productivity lurks around the corner

The weekends around here are usually a super leisurely time. Rarely do we have things planned, organized or else. We try not to go out much either, as its crazy, everyone is out and trying to catch up on life.

Lately we have been a bit productive though. Getting things done. Not too much though, the shock might kill us. I am sure of it.

I refreshed the outside furniture with some oil. It needs care, as its wood. So I sprayed the lower part with a furniture oil and left it to dry. The top part, where we eat and sit will be a bit more work intensive as I will do it with a natural wax or if I dont feel like it I may get the orange oil I saw at the hardware store last time and go easy on myself.

See, lazy.
I didnt even remove the cushions which are just tied to the chairs.

But hey, one step at a time. Shock, remember?

Mr.Blab has been slowly but surely working on his first big project. He dreams of being a handy man, but he has a lot of road to walk before getting there. This is part of that experience and has been interesting to watch how he is getting through it.

Around here people would leave out in front of their houses stuff they dont need anymore. If someone sees it and wants it they can get it for free. Since we are on a recycling mood we have talked about finding a treasure on the side of the road and redoing it. It never came to be, as we are realistic about the capabilities of our team. But one day Mr.Blab comes back from a walk with the kids and this old school desk in hand. It was ugly and a bit rusty in places.

Since then he has removed the paint, sanded it down, primed and prepared it ready for paint. Here my expertise was called upon. I had to choose the colors and what to do with it. I spent about an hour at the store trying to think on my feet. Finally I asked for the paints I wanted from the swatches and – they didnt have all of them. I made a quick call and now Mr.Blab is putting on the coats and getting closer and closer to a resolution for his first project.

If someone has a less poisonous option to paint smoothly, let us know. Those spray paints dont make me feel very comfortable. This desk will have to air out for a few weeks before its allowed in the house.

The kids have been breathing in the laptop lately. Miss Fab has a user account of her own and is loving having her own “halftop” and exploring and experimenting with the programs.

I will keep you updated with the desk development. You never know, it may get finished at some point ;)

There is also a recliner chair Mr.Blab brought in for me to reupholster. I told him I was thinking of trying to do that with a chair and he brought me a fully upholstered lazy boy! Gotta love the man and his trust in my skills. That one though, wont be dont any time soon. First I have to update the chairs we have in the house. Some day. Most likely. Yep…